ATTENTION Father Of The Bride: nervous at the prospect of giving your speech? Then this is for YOU …

"Discover How An Ordinary Man Can Get Laughter, Tears and a Standing Ovation For His Father Of The Bride Speech... With No Prior Speech Experience!"

Read on to uncover a Step By Step Guide that practically walks you through everything you need to know to create your OWN inspirational father of the bride speech!

Date: 25th February 2017

Dear fellow Father Of The Bride,

Where does the time go?

It only seems like yesterday you were cuddling that precious bundle – just a few minutes old – and suddenly …

That little helpless bundle is now a woman and her wedding is fast approaching around the corner. What’s more, you have to give a memorable “Father Of The Bride” speech – and you no idea where to start!

Yet you can’t possibly let your little girl down on her Big Day.

No way.

And the audience for your speech of a life time could hardly be worse: half of them are your family and the other half are total strangers: the bridegroom’s family.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • The thought of going on stage in front of peering eyes make you sick to the stomach with anxiety and nervousness?
  • Are you feeling pressured to deliver a great speech that not only will touch your daughter but also entertain the crowd?
  • Do you worry about sounding foolish and having people laugh at you?
  • Do you think you’ll need countless hours of preparation just to deliver a 5 minute speech?

Don’t Stress, I Have a Solution!

My name is Michael Johnson and I understand exactly your torment, because I have worked personally with many fathers. For you see, I am a professional wedding speech writer by trade. I have written wedding speeches for hundreds of fathers, many of them willing to pay me upwards of $397 for just one custom-written speech!

However now that I am retired from this profession, I have decided to come up with another solution that can be just as effective.

You see, in my time as a speech writer, I began to see a pattern to all the speeches I had written. Sure each speech was unique, but the thought process that went behind it was the same. I would ask my clients the same questions and based on those questions I would write their wedding speech for them.

This got me thinking…

“Writing a father of the bride speech is really not that hard.”

So much so that writing your speech and actually giving can be a simple, effective and even an enjoyable experience.

So I began writing a guide that can lead even the most nervous of fathers, along the path to create his very own unique and memorable father of the bride speech.

And not only will I show you what to do – I’ll also guide you away from the most common mistakes.

That way, in just minutes from now, you can stop dreading this upcoming event and even look forward to your star role.

Imagine Giving A Speech At Your
Daughter’s Wedding That Will:

  • Entertain the audience with hysterical laughs and leave them with moist eyes once you have finished
  • Overwhelm your beautiful daughter with your words and stories
  • Finishing your speech to a thunderous applause
  • Leave a priceless memory that will last with you and your daughter forever
Are you ready for some good news?

Everything You Need Is Here In My Program…

Wedding Speech Secrets:
The Father Of The Bride Speech

father of the bride speech box
So, let me give you a little sneak peak at what you can expect in the Father Of The Bride Speech Program…
  • A step by step guide to write your own unique Father Of The Bride Speech (this easy to follow guide will allow you to write a speech just like any other professional speech writer)
  • 7 Secrets of Speechmaking Success (follow these simple tips and your success is assured)
  • 10 Proven and Outstanding Sample Speeches (steal these practical examples of speeches for a quick and easy way to create yours)
  • What to do if your short of ideas for your speech (discover this little gem of an idea that will get you saying, "why didn't I think of that?")
  • 4 FATAL subjects to avoid like the plague (mention just one and you may regret it for a long, long time!)
  • A simple double-check you must do to avoid great embarrassment on the big day (five minutes here could avoid a lifetime of regret)
  • Your role in the wedding as the Father Of The Bride (clueless as to what exactly a father of the bride has to do? Don't stress, we'll reveal it all in the program)
  • Speaking the right body language (here’s how you can be certain to project the right message)
  • How and where to draft the speech (follow these tips and you’ll be half way to success before you start)
  • The Writer’s Secret (this is what all successful speechwriters do and it will help you polish your speech so it sparkles like a diamond)
  • Over 30 wedding jokes, quotes and poems (no speech is complete without a suitable joke to start and a relevant quotation or snippet of poem to finish well)
and much, much more.

Allow Me To Read Your Mind

You can see exactly how my guide will empower you to blow away the fear and problems and make you a success. But you’re wondering about the size of your investment to guarantee you won’t ruin your daughter’s happiness on her big day.

Well, compared with all the other expenses you have right now, it will not only be a drop in the ocean, it will actually be priceless, because it will rid you of one of the most daunting problems facing you, right now.

But Hold On...

Let’s look at the some of the other alternatives that claim to help you with your speech:
  • Expensive speech writers (such as myself) that may write an impersonal and unemotional speech that is supposed to recollect the 20+ years of memories.... that belong to YOU?
  • Generic speech templates that have been used by the hundreds of lazy fathers before you... that will not tell YOUR story?

But first allow me to make something very crystal clear. I take all the risk here!

If You Don't Love It, Return It!

If you’re not completely satisfied with the program for any reason, the entire package is yours for FREE!

I want you to shoot me an email, asking for a full, no fuss refund.

Once I receive your refund request, your payment will immediately be refunded and we’ll remain friends. Fair enough?

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with your purchase, you are entitled to your Full 100% Money Back Guarantee. Just send your request in writing within 60 days, and you will receive a full refund – no questions, no hassles

Thank You For Your Purchase

Michael Johnson

Now, I know – because I’ve been there, as The Father Of The Bride – everyones seems to want to empty your wallet and pockets… so here’s some…

Really Good News For You

I’m so confident that my program will do wonders for you, I have decided to offer this program on a trial basis.

Try The Entire Program For Just
$4.97 For A Full 21 Days!

I am absolutely, 100% confident that you are going to be totally satisfied from your program. I know this program works. It’s worked for hundreds of fathers from around the world.

BUT… With all the junk for sale on the internet these days, I know you might still be skepticial. That’s fair.

That’s why I’m not going to ask you to pay the full amount for the program until you’ve had a chance to put my wedding speech program into action.

Here’s the deal: I’m giving you full access to the program including the bonuses and you won’t pay anything, aside from the small $4.97 processing fee.

Take the full 21 day trial period to try out the program. If you decide that the program just isn’t any help for you, send me a quick email and i’ll cancel the trial in full and you won’t be charged another cent. (I’ll even refund your $4.97 processing fee.)

However, if you’re like the 99% of our other customers, and you find the Father Of The Bride Speech program to be extremely effective and helpful, you don’t have to do a thing. Keep using the program, and after 21 days you’ll be charged the remaining $20.00.

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You truly have absolutely nothing to lose…

Normally $24.97, Today $4.97 ($20.00 after 21 days)

What’s more, I’m so determined to make your big day a complete success I’m giving you these three handy bonuses – completely free. They should be sold – rather than given away. But I’ve negotiated a special deal with the authors so I can give them to my early bird customers.

So, Order Today and You’ll Also Receive the
Following Bonuses Worth $71.91 – Absolutely Free!

Bonus #1: “How to be a Public Speaking Superstar”

Value $19.97 – Yours FREE when you order today.
How To Be a Public Speaking Superstar ebook cover

The title says it all. You really will become a superstar – and faster than you might believe possible – once you have these secrets of success, like:

  • Mastering public speaking. And how your new-found skill can enhance many other areas of your life – not just wedding speeches.
  • The seven secrets of great speechmaking. Seven is a lucky number and you’ll feel very lucky to be privy to these vital secrets.
  • Myths about public speaking. Here’s where you get the truth about four damaging myths that could harm your performance.
  • Unshakeable confidence. How to summon up diamond-hard confidence in an instant.

Bonus #2: “Captivating Speeches Made Easy”

Value $23.97 – Yours FREE when you order today.
Captivating Speeches Made Easy ebook cover

Once you have your speech written, this handy book will add the rocket fuel. Here is just a tiny taster of the content:

  • The four Cs. Master these and you’ll instantly sound like a professional speech giver.
  • The oldest language of all. Here’s the inside track on really mastering your body language, because that says as much as the words you speak.
  • Eye contact – how to use it to your advantage. One of the biggest problems giving a speech is knowing where to look. So here are eight ways to do it right.

Bonus #3: “Wedding Etiquette Secrets Revealed”

Value $27.97 – Yours FREE when you order today.
wedding etiquette secrets revealed ebook cover

Blow away all the doubts and questions your family may have about wedding protocol, because this is a priceless source of wedding etiquette information your family will thank you for!

It’s a ‘must have’ guide actually written by a wedding planner with 15 year’s experience.

It is crammed with insider tips you’d have a tough time finding out for yourself, including:

  • The wedding invitation. What you should include and what you should leave out.
  • The wedding shower. Your step by step guide to protocol.
  • Who’s who and what’s what. Avoid any ruffled feathers with the definitive guide to who does what.


At This Point, You've Only Got Two Choices...

Choice #1: You can do nothing and leave this website.

You’ll waste many frustrating hours on the internet researching what you should say. I know from my experience how many hours that research will eat up with very little to show. You will continue to feel nervous, unprepared and anxious with the wedding looming in the horizon.

OR …

Choice #2: You can wisely invest in this program right now. The whole program is instantly downloadable, so a few minutes from now, you can have the whole program in your hands.

Feel the excitement rise as page after page unfolds … the battle plan for the outline … how to draft the speech and then polish it to perfection … browse through the pages of jokes and wise quotations and marvel at how well chosen they are to give your speech a really professional touch.

Then a feeling of total calm and quiet confidence will wash over you, as you realize this is exactly what you need to transform that nightmare prospect into a pleasurable experience you’ll look back on in years to come with quiet satisfaction.

... so which option sounds more appealing?

Are Your Ready To Take The Step Closer To
That Perfect Father Of The Bride Speech?

Here's what you need to do right now to
claim your risk-free trial copy of the program..


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If you like the program, don't do anything and you'll simply be rebilled for the remaining $20.00 of the regular price after 21 days. (You won't receive any further charges after that).

If you run into any problems whatsoever, I will always be available to assist you.

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Everything you need is only a few clicks away...

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father of the bride speech program cover

Yes, Michael! I want to erase the pain of giving my ‘Father Of The Bride’ speech.
I understand that the $4.97 processing fee will give me instant access to the Wedding Speech Secrets, Father Of The Bride Speech program PLUS the three bonus books.
I also understand that if I am not completely satisfied with the program, I can simply email for a “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee within 60 days of signing up. Although, from what I’ve seen, so far, I doubt if I’ll need to invoke that!
Yes, I know that this product is completely electronic and will be available immediately and that I’ll pay no shipping charges whatsoever.


Normally $24.97, Today $4.97 ($20.00 after 21 days)

Best Regards,

Michael Johnson


Michael Johnson
Professional Wedding Speech Writer & Author

michael johnson



P.S. I stand 100% behind my program with my “Love it or your money back” guarantee. So the only way you can possibly lose on this is to pass.

P.P.S. I may at any time take down this trial offer, so you will have to pay the full amount up front. Don't miss out on this crazy offer, by claiming your copy today!

Normally $24.97, Today $4.97 ($20.00 after 21 days)